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Privacy Notice

Version 19-01; effective 01/01/2019

This policy serves notice and discloses to you, the "User", about how this site uses information that you may enter into the site. This is an E-Commerce site and when you use the site to buy anything it will lawfully collect the minimum needed personal information to successfully complete your transaction, including your name, address, email address, and phone numbers. We do not telemarket, sell, rent, transfer, or barter your information to anyone. We will use your contact information and email address internally to notify you of the progress of your order and to market additional products or services produced by our company that may be of interest to you. You have full access to all information collected on this web site, and may edit or delete this information at any time under your private password protected logon account. You may access this account information at the following location:

We also collect a "cookie" to identify contents of your shopping cart before you place an order. This information is needed to identify your vehicle by Make, Model, and Year and or VIN and the parts that we find for you so that the correct parts are shipped for your vehicle. We will also use this information to validate, assure, and otherwise make our site correctly identify your vehicle for either ourselves or our database partners. Our site is secure, and appropriate security measures are in place to protect your information. Our site does not retain or collect any payment information. All financial information for any transaction is through third parties (e.g. Pay-Pal or Stripe or others as contracted) to process all financial portions of the transactions.